Magic Stone

The magic stone is used for many things, here is a list of all functions the magic stone has:

character information, here you can see the currency your character has, including Vote points, Donation Points,Amber gold. You can also enter your characters bank and mailbox.
converting amber gold is also done in at character information, you can convert it to your magic stone or convert it back into your bags.

special services includes removing morphs, removing aura’s, gaining Full talents for 15DP, gaining Dual wield for 1 DP ( wich grants you VIP status) , also rebinding your heartstone to a new place.

Token services, here you can use different tokens including Race change tokens, Faction change tokens,Class change tokens and name change tokens.
you can get these tokens by donating,the amber gold vendor,world boss drops, trading with other players. Please be ware of the side effects of using some tokens!

teleportation, this is the biggest use of the magic stone. you can use it to go around the whole world of warcraft. espacially dungeons and places to go for farming. you can also go the main cities with it.

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