Weapon Guide

This guide contains information needed to go from starter weapons to your long-waited class weapon.

⦁ Pick up the quest for your first weapon.
⦁ You will pick the quest up in The Mall from Illidan Stormrage for the weapon that best suits your class.

  • Now use your magic stone to get to Black temple (Magic stone – Armor & Weapons – Weapons – Black Temple) to get the mats that are needed to complete the quest.
  • Example, if I choose Infinity blade, I would have to get 3 Infinity Blade from Illidan to complete the quest.
    ⦁ Now that you have your @Infinity Blade it’s time to upgrade it.
  • Now you need to start farming your mats and there are a few places to farm it.

    Where do you farm the mats?
    ⦁ Emerald forest (easiest)
    ⦁ Mount hyjal vol 1 and vol 2 (ranks from easy to hard)
    (Magic stone – Armor & Weapons – Weapons – Emerald forest)
    (Magic stone – Armor & Weapons – Weapons – Mount Hyjal)

When u have enough mats, you will need to use the Upgrade Gem on your weapon.

⦁ After the 10th upgrade you will need The stone of Titan and Flowery Stone which you can get by using Upgrade Gem on:

Tip!: You can use the Material Exchanger at mall to change more than 1 at the time.

When you have upgraded the weapon 15 times you need to pick another quest at The Mall.
The quest is given by Lich King

Where do you farm the mats?
⦁ Pit of Saron
⦁ The Forge of Souls
⦁ Halls of Reflection.
(Magic stone – Armor & Weapons – Weapons – The Lich King Weapons)

Now that you have completed the quest and retrieved Heartpierce
you will need some new mats to upgrade it.
What mats do you need?

  • You will need to go 2 places to get the mats
    Where do you get them?
    Ice iron bar
    Ice iron bar is farmed in Light’s hammer.
    (Magic stone – Armor & Weapons – Weapons – Light’s hammer)
    Tip!: Argus the unmaker (Resettable World Boss) will also drop Ice iron bar

    The mats you will retrieve:

  • You need to get 35 shadow Ice Crystal and then use your Upgrade Gem on it to get 1 Ice iron bar.
    Ner’zhul Soul Shard
    To get Ner’zhul Soul Shard you will need to use Upgrade Gem on The stone of Titan or Flowery Stone.

Tip!: Every resettable and non-resettable world boss drops Ner’zhul Soul Shard
Tip!: There are some dailies that will reward you with Ner’zhul Soul Shard (You can pick up dailies at ‘’The Mall’’

When u have upgraded your Heartpierce to max (IX)
then it’s time for some new mats to upgrade it with Upgrade Gem.
What mats do u need?

Where do you get the mats?
Flask of Coldness and Flask of ice
Flask of Coldness and Flask of ice are dropped by the 2 bosses inside Light’s Hammer.
Tip!: You can also obtain them everyday through daily( The daily gives 10 of each)

World Boss Artifact.
For world boss artifact you need to go to Material Exchanger and pick up the quest named ‘’World Boss Artifact’’

Once you have the quest u need to farm 3 different kind of mats.

Heart of Horridon
⦁ Heart of horridon wil drop from the world boss ‘’Horridon’’
⦁ I can also be obtained from lottery bags from the Amber Gold Vendor in The Mall

Torn Skin of Garalon
⦁ Torn Skin of Garalon will drop from the world boss ‘’Garolon’’
⦁ It can also be obtained from lottery bags from the Amber Gold Vendor in The Mall

The last Remaining Drop of Immerseus.
⦁ The last Remaining Drop of Immerseus drops from the world boss ‘’Immerseus’’
⦁ It will drop each time you kill him.

Tip!: you can pick up quest for slaying world bosses at The Mall and the quest will also grant you World Boss Artifact.

  • Once you get Artifact Heartpierce you can upgrade it 5 times.

⦁ The final upgrade (class weapon)
⦁ Now that u have maxed Artifact weapon you can find Imperial Weapons Quest Giver in The Mall, next to the Material Exchanger (That you used for World Boss Artifact), in order to start the famous class weapon upgrades. If there are any additional questions address the staff! (GM/Helpers)

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